The Clean Energy Jobs Act: Prepare Now for a Green Career

The Clean Energy Jobs Act is just one example of the efforts of lawmakers to boost the environmental industry and related career fields in the United States. These jobs will continue to thrive as the technology and practices around the world convert to green standards. Anyone seeking a career in a field that involves the environment or safer environmental products needs to become more aware of what the recruiters and hiring managers seek from their candidates. Understanding the lingo and becoming more energy conscious is recommended.

Know the Terms

Most people have heard the words biodegradable and compostable enough to understand their meanings but may be confused by other words and phrases used by environmentalists. Some examples include downcycled, a word used to describe products that have limited recycling ability. Fair trade refers to companies that compensate local farmers and others for their products and uses sensible environmental practices to avoid causing damage in the areas where the products originate. Research common terminology to understand how to use these types of words and phrases.

Become More Green

Practice what many in the industry promote. Buy products locally, eat organic and recycle whenever possible. Spend some time going without buying anything that is not a necessity. Turn off the lights, use less water and walk or cycle instead of driving. Real life experience helps many people to have a better understanding of the people committed to this type of lifestyle.

Take Some Classes

Most people do not want to invest the time and money in a new degree, but there are basic classes in nearly every community that will look good on a resume and boost the knowledge of the applicant. Local adult education centers offer gardening and composting classes, recycling workshops and much more. The opportunity makes it easier for people to have exposure to the language and the trends of the movement.

Searching for a green job does not mean working for a recycling center or a solar panel manufacturer. Many environmentally aware people are being employed in every industry to help reduce waste within the company as well as to seek out changes that will help the organization to meet the stringent environmental standards enacted over the last few years. It is very easy for people to make use of their experience while entering this field.